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Sweet Potato Pie

A traditional Southern dessert. Fresh sweet potatoes and the perfect balance of spices contribute to its comforting flavor. This one could vie with pumpkin as a holiday favorite.

Lumpy Dumpy Apple Pie

Affectionately called ‘lumpy dumpy’ by family members who look forward to this dessert at the end of every family occasion. No surprises here, fresh ingredients; a buttery, flaky crust; and lots of TLC keep family coming back for more.

Apple Crumb Pie

Similar to the Lumpy Dumpy Apple Pie, but instead of a top crust, a streusel topping covers the apples. Great for everyday activities.

Georgia Peach Pie

Two words describe this pie: refreshing and delicious. Not too tart and not too sweet; it’s just plain good.

Rum Maple Pecan Pie

The mild sweetness of real maple syrup and rum come together in a pleasing pie. Not too sweet and brimming with pecans, this pecan pie is in a class of its own.

Blueberry Lattice Pie

Even if you re thinking “I don’t particularly love blueberries or blueberry pie,” this one is for you. After one bite, the most skeptical and resistant give in (myself included) and claim it as a personal favorite. Fresh lemon zest and cinnamon enhance the tangy blueberry flavor of this light and refreshing dessert.

Lemon Meringue Pie

Imagine the taste of sweet & tart lemon custard in a buttery, crisp pasty, topped with soft, lightly sweetened meringue a simple yet elegant dessert.