Specialty Cake Menu


Classic Cakes


Kristina’s Ultimate Red Velvet

Kristina’s signature and most popular cake.  Her version of this Southern favorite combines moist layers of red, cocoa-infused butter cake with buttery cream cheese frosting; one bite of this cake will make it a personal favorite


Hazelnut Nutella Cake

This cake is a lovely marriage of soft and tender toasted hazelnut cake and light and fluffy Nutella buttercream.


Caramel Rum Cake

A one-of-a-kind cake strictly for the grown and sexy. A generous measure of Bacardi dark rum is used to flavor the cake, and then each layer is brushed with Bacardi rum syrup for extra flavor before the cake is finished with our decadent caramel buttercream.


Dulce de Leche Cake

A rich cake that is sure to leave the smooth, sweet taste of dulce de leche lingering in your mouth after eating the last bite.


Fruity Flavors

Strawberries & Crème Cake

So light and refreshing, this cake is comprised of layers of airy buttermilk cake, homemade whipped cream, and chunks of fresh strawberries.

Orange Carrot Nut Cake

This magnificently moist cake is a delectable blend of orange cream cheese frosting and flavorful layers of perfectly spiced carrot cake. Your choice of pecans or walnuts!

Banana Turtle Cake

A tasty cake that masterfully combines the subtle taste of moist banana cake layers, chocolate ganache, toasted pecans and caramel buttercream.

Orange Raspberry

Citrus tones woven into a sour cream cake encased in fresh raspberry puree infused buttercream makes this cake a little something special when a simple vanilla cake won’t do!


Chocolate Delights

Chocolate Raspberry

This decadent twist on our signature chocolate cake laces fresh raspberry puree infused buttercream between the chocolate layers.

Chocolate Nutella

A perfect combination of chocolate and hazelnut that is purely delicious.

Chocolate Bliss

More chocolate please! This cake incorporates either light chocolate buttercream or rich fudge between the chocolate layers.


Crazy for Coconuts

A tender white, coconut cake frosted with coconut butter cream. The velvety texture and robust coconut flavor make this series of cakes delightful and irresistible.


Traditional Coconut

The ultimate coconut experience that uses coconut buttercream to separate the robust flavor of the coconut cake layers

Island Coconut

The traditional coconut cake is made even more satisfying with a special touch of pineapple between the cake layers. The taste of pineapple and coconut together creates a tropical experience you won’t forget.

Lemon Coconut

The taste of lemon and coconut together creates a particularly pleasing experience when you taste this version of our coconut cake.