Dessert Table Packages

All packages include the cost of delivery and setup within 20 miles of Hillsborough, NJ.

We offer four different affordable packages for our custom dessert tables.

Each package includes simply decorated desserts and a buttercream decorated cake! Find the package you feel best suits your needs and then start shopping from our list of scrumptious bakes.

Not sure how to style your dessert table or would like to custom design your desserts? Table styling and customized options may be added in addition to the package cost.



Silver Gold Platinum Ritzy

Serves 25

4 choices of dessert items

1-tier (7″) buttercream cake


Pretzels (1 choice)

Cake pops (2 choices)

Macarons (1 choice)

1-tier cake





Serves 50

8 choices of dessert items

2 tier (9″ & 7″) buttercream cake


Mini cupcakes (2 choices)

Decorated cookies (2 choice) B

londie pops (2 choices)

Macarons (2 choices)

2 tier buttercream cake




Serves 100

16 choices dessert table items

3 tier (12″,9″,6″) buttercream cake


Macarons (4 choices)

Decorated cookies (4 choices)

Cake pops (4 choices)

Snack Cakes (4 choices)

3 tier buttercream cake




Serves 200

32 Choices of dessert items

5-tier cake (14″,12″,10″,8″,6″) buttercream cake


Chocolate covered Oreos (8 choices)

Cake pops (8 choices)

Decorated cookies (8 choices)

Chocolate covered pretzels (8 choices)

5 tier cake buttercream cake




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